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2023 Outdoor 3D Archery League 

If you’ve never shot an archery league, come on and give it a try. It’s not only fun, but it will also improve your shooting!

Archery leagues are for everyone! So don’t think you need to be a pro to participate, however, joining a league is the first step in becoming one. All archery shooting styles and skill levels are welcomed to join. Crossbows are not permitted to shoot the 3D targets.



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To gain access to the range, you must either be a member of the Crivitz Bowhunter's Club or complete the registration form and pay the $20.00 league fee before you are given the gate combination. There are several ways you can join the Outdoor 3D Archery League:

1.  Click the registration form and shoot waiver form buttons on this page, complete the forms              and mail them along with your payment to our Treasurer, Lynn Brady. Her address is on the            bottom of the registration form. 

2.  You can email your registration and shoot waiver forms to        To pay league dues by debit or credit card, you can call Lynn on the CBC's cell phone at 

     (715) 291-8666. Please note ~ there is a processing fee of  $1.00 for debit or credit card 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email the club or text/call a CBC Officer.


The violation of the club rules may result in disqualification of the league.  


General Rules

  • Keep gate locked at all times, except during the hours of our monthly 3-D shoots.

  • Do not give out the gate combination to anyone. If they say they are a member, tell them to       

       call one of the club officers.

  • Please note – CBC requires that youth participant shoots with an adult. 

  • League fees are $20 per participant. Only paid members may shoot the course.

  • Score sheets must be properly tabulated including shooter's name, date, and added down. One score sheet per shooter must be put in the locked, red box on the end of the picnic table inside the pavilion. 

  • Any score cards not turned in on Sundays by 10am, will score as zero for that weeks score.

  •  Scores will be posted in the pavilion on Sundays after 10am.

  • If you are shooting a week in advance because you will miss a week, you must notate this on your score sheet. No exceptions. 

  • No “substitute” shooters are permitted.

  • Respect the safety of others at all times.  Each archer is responsible for assuring that no one crosses the firing line while shooting is still taking place.

  • Targets must be kept where they were originally placed by staff. 

  • Pick up your own trash - including cigarette butts, they are trash.



  • Animals have four Scoring Rings – 12 – 10 – 8 – 5-0. If you miss the scoring rings, your score counts as a zero.

  • 20 target stations per week (1 arrow per target).

  • Scoring is on "your honor". Fair play is the cornerstone of our club. Please - NO cheating.

  • The first time you shoot the week's scenes, your score should be recorded. 

  • If the arrow touches the line the arrow scores the higher value.

  • Wherever the arrow lands is where the arrow is scored.

Due to the challenges of the wildlife, especially bears, if 2 or more 3D targets are destroyed, the

remaining week(s) of the league will be cancelled and all shooters will be refunded 1/2 their

money. Trophies will be awarded for the weeks shot before the league was cancelled. 

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