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Club Rules

This is a casual club and there are not many rules. The violation of the club rules may result in loss of membership.

  1. Keep gate locked at all times, except during the hours of our monthly 3-D shoots.

  2. The designated practice areas are, the practice range and warm up area. The 3-D shoot trails only have targets on them during the monthly shoots.

  3. Respect the safety of others at all times.

  4. No hunting - CBC leases the property and this is part of our rental contract.

  5. Pick up your own trash - including cigarette butts, they are trash.

  6. Parental or guardian supervision is required for children playing on our playground equipment.

  7. Do not give out the gate combination to anyone. If they say they are a member, tell them  to call one of the club officers.

  8. The owner's terms include that the range is only available from range clean-up through our last shoot (final clean-up), as they hunt the property themselves.

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