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Range Information



Hone your skills or sight in your bow by shooting on our practice range with stationary bag targets ranging from 10 to 40 yards. The range is set up for compound, recurve, and crossbow shooting.


Our monthly club shoots, held from May to September, consist of shooting our course containing 30 different life-sized 3-D animal targets placed along the wooded trails, including two tree stand platforms for elevated shooting. The animals are placed in real life poses to simulate real hunting shots that you would encounter in nature. Each month the animals are changed to keep your shoot exciting and different. The range is set up for compound, recurve, and crossbow shooting.


Archery League


Test your archery skills in our 4 week 3D archery league starting in August. The course consists of 20 3-D targets which are changed weekly. Perfect for hunters, hobbyists, and everyone in between. Each week you will be shooting against other archers as you compete for the best score at the end of the league. League fee is $20 per archer and archers may shoot the course at any time convenient to them.

There are 3 brackets: men's, women, and youth. Trophies are determined and awarded by size of league brackets and given out at our spring banquet. Everyone is welcome and the course is set up for compound, recurve, and crossbow shooting!

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